One Enlightening Parisian Trip Later…

“C’est la vie”. That’s life. How about my life? Ladies and gentlemen, believe I have a target in mind.

I recently went to my dream destination, Paris! It was beautiful! It was exactly as they say it is. People walking around with their berets. So many were riding their bikes with cute baskets on them. Every single day, I would never fail to spot someone walking around with a brown paper bag that contained baguettes sticking out. The views were breathtaking. The elegance of the Eiffel tower. THE Eiffel tower! Now, when people say that Paris holds so much culture, they are not kidding.

Books! Books everywhere, cute coffee shops, people dressed up even if for a trip to the market. The city is decorated with art. The people have incredible manners. Musicians can be found in most places playing their violins, guitars or accordions! (Which has struck a new desire to learn how to play the accordion). The general flow and vibes of the city were mellow with a touch of class. It is definitely a place I need to return to. First, however, I must learn more French. Je ne parle Fran├žais *shrugs*.

On my plane ride back, my heart felt torn. Going back to work, back to the routine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for my job, but I was more sad because it had been so long since I had gone somewhere so far. I wanted to stay and spend another day at the Versailles palace so that I could canoe my way through the canal (yes! The Versailles gardens has a canal!). I wanted to take a train to London and spend a weekend exploring some other, cool, oooh la la place. I wanted to go exactly where the locals go, to be a fly on the wall where I could quietly observe the interactions. I wanted to take accordion lessons. I wanted to visit cute city outskirts to get a feel for the countryside. In other words, I wanted to experience life there as it truly is. What drives people? What are their struggles? What bakery has the best croissant?… Where’s the bathroom? (This is always a good question to ask).

I came to the conclusion that I do not like vacations. They’re nice, but they limit so much. I can no longer take vacations. I need the experience. We were there for 10 glorious days. By day 10, I already knew how to navigate myself and was familiar with the general buses and subways. I was coming back feeling like just as I was only beginning to feel the true Parisian experience, it was time to come home.

This is what my brain has been circling around. “Andrea, you’re single, you have energy, you have skills… why are you returning to a job that gives you more than you really, truly, need? Why aren’t you out there fulfilling your dreams? If you don’t do it now, then when?” Now, I’d love to tell you that in that instant I turned around and went back to Paris seeking out the adventure and have been spontaneously backpacking throughout Europe since then… but, that is not exactly the case. I did, however, realize that I have been getting too comfortable with my current life. I have gone to places within the country and those were great! But then I wondered if I was more talk and less action. In fact, I didn’t know what else to add to this blog anymore and was considering just closing it and never tell anyone I ever had one (by this point no one really knows about it yet… shhh…)

Well, let me tell you that the time to release my ropes is not far away! That’s right! I have been formulating a plan, of course, I’ve been praying about it every night. I have been trying to be specific in my prayers. I do feel like I need to specify better, but things seem to be happening. Still, I am just afraid that I am only seeing what I want to see and not what actually is (which is a HUGE problem of mine) so I am praying about that as well. I am also very blessed with amazing friends who have been encouraging me! So, I am doing my research. I am going to go back to what I know. Most importantly, I feel like I really need this. I want to meet people from everywhere and tell them about Jehovah and learn about cultures and have a giant list of people to look for in paradise. The best way to do that is to preach the way the locals do.

I feel this deep down within me. It’s all I’ve been thinking of and I don’t want to mess this up. Nothing will stop me for it’s up to Jehovah.

I am no longer building dreams but forming plans!

(Paris shots)


She is resplendent, La Seine

Love by the carousel

The Eiffel from another view

You see? I told you Versailles has a canal!

I Louvred it there ;D

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