Dear Friend(s)

Dear Future Friends,

I often think about you. Not because I am unsatisfied with my current or previous friends, but because I have formed friendships with amazing people whom I had never imagined existed before. It’s just my typical curiosity if you ask me. I do think it would be interesting to tell some of you that I wrote you a letter before we met, or became friends, so here goes!

My greatest joy is bringing you guys joy. If I can make you laugh, smile or feel inspired, I’ll love you! If I can’t, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I will make you laugh eventually! Now, if you make ME laugh, smile or inspired, that’s it! I’m keeping you. Hand over those adoption papers!

I am often drawn to what makes you guys unique. I enjoy interacting with most people, and everyone has a form of uniqueness. I am, always have been and always will be a major advocate for individuality. Just be yourself because I bet you’re very good at it anyway. I like to know what makes you click? What inspires you? Basically, what makes you YOU? I will figure it out little by little and no doubt I will be amused. I am easily amused over unique quirks and habits that everyone has so don’t be surprised if I laugh with a stupidly a huge smile on my face because of the particular way your hands move when you express a certain phrase, or the type of giggle you make when you fail at holding in your laugh. I love uncovering quirks; they’re like adding pieces to the puzzle I’ll have of you in my head.

I don’t know what any of you are doing at this moment. I haven’t the slightest clue where you guys will come from, except, I am planning a couple of future trips so I imagine some of you may result from that. Maybe you are going to move here soon. Maybe you are all currently living in what might be my future home someday. I am looking forward to meeting you all when that time comes.

Until then!

Dear Friends,

I often pray to Jehovah and thank him continuously for allowing me your friendship(s). Why you keep sticking around is beyond me, but I am grateful that you have stuck it out this long. I love that there is always something to talk about, something to learn and something to explore. There are always countless stories about our lives being told; stories full of embarrassing moments, hilarious thoughts and understanding the world that encircles us. It’s also great to know that there is always someone who will be able to relate to your experiences. Learning feels infinite with you.

I’m glad that you guys get my jokes and will even gift me with a chuckle or giggle considering that my jokes are quite yeasty (get it? I don’t eat cheese so I substitute for nutritional yeast. har! har! har!). I love your jokes too! Its great to see all forms of humor. You know? I really don’t believe that each time we hang out, there is never laughter. I will admit, I’ll enjoy teasing you, but if I tease, it just means you are much cherished. I don’t mind being teased either. Sometimes you will get me good, I can’t help but to laugh.

Best yet, I love the spiritual conversations. Just when you think you have found the deepest point of view to a scriptural point, one of you will suddenly come out and punch me with a new point of view that just blows my mind! It’s conversations like those that prove to me that Jehovah has gifted me by putting great people into my life.

I have known some of you for years and years, and other I have recently connected to. However long it has been, you are dear to me. I look forward to spending years and years of more great times to come! We also have all of forever to hang out and explore in Paradise.

Love you!

My Dear Old Friends,

It’s probably been months or even years since we have last spoken or spent time together. I don’t know exactly how to write this while also avoiding that slight tug to my chest, so I do apologize if it transfers over to you.

Words will never be able to explain how much I have missed you. I know I have come to be quite a different person from the one you knew, or the one you think you know. I’m sure my own ideas of who you are now differs from the kind of people you have all turned into. To me, you will always be that person, frozen in time, frozen in my memory.

I saw one of you recently, after over a year since we had seen each other. I gotta say, It was kind of like opening a time capsule. In a way, we both turned into time travelers re-visiting the past and becoming that old version of ourselves from before.

It is you guys who will pop out of my memory bank and into my mind only to replay an incident in my head that will stop me in my tracks because I am laughing so hard over that particularly hilarious memory. It’s amazing how strongly you have all managed to impact me until now, and I know you will continue to do so for years to come.

I can lament over the reasons why it’s been so long since our parting, but I prefer not to (lamenting would be selfish of me considering many of you have moved on to greater things); Instead, I rejoice in the memories. True, these memories may occasionally melt and turn liquid and they will spill a drop; that just means you were incredible and it was fun while it lasted. I would repeat it all if I could!

I still see some of you every now and then, but our life bubbles will rarely cross anymore. I know that life happens. Things change. That’s alright because you haven’t stopped being special. If our paths ever crossed again sometime in the future, it would be my honor to have you around once more!

Perhaps we no longer call each other or text anymore, but if I know you are happy and well, I am happy and well. I am happy we crossed paths when we did. Know that a part of each of you lives within the person I am now. I could never thank you enough for all the memories.


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