Dream Journals #2

Hello! Here I am back with more crazy dreams that I forget I’ve had and then I remember I had because of other crazy dreams I’ve had.

Sometime in earlier 2017: This one has got to be perhaps one of the most bizarre dreams I have ever had. I was asked to be a sign language interpreter for this woman (I am not a sign language interpreter but I know the language because I currently serve in  an ASL congregation). I show up at this woman’s house and the woman can hear and speak which really confused me. She then told me “I need you to sign everything I say because although I can talk, I cannot hear myself speak so if you sign everything I say, I can see what I am saying”. I was basically going to sign everything that came out of her mouth just so she could see what she was saying… Yeah, I know, it was weird but I went along with it. I had to follow her around.

We get on a bus and once we sit down I start asking her questions, you know, to get to know her better. This bus was full of people and suddenly the bus began to slow down because of traffic. I look out the window and I see some tricycles left on the side of the road which were causing the traffic. Suddenly, the bus flips! but it flips in very VERY slow-motion. Here’s where it gets weird. As the bus is flipping in slow-motion, everyone else on the bus is also in slow-motion, except for me! While the bus is flipping in slow-motion a full 360 degrees I kept falling and slamming against the floor, windows and ceiling in regular motion. I was literally going “ow! ow! ow! ow!…”

Finally, the bus lands back on it’s regular wheels and everyone lands how they were originally seated. Everyone acts like nothing happened then I try to speak. I open my mouth to talk but I can’t! I feel something inside my mouth so I reach in. I feel this 3 inch glass shard inside my mouth! I carefully pull it out and set it on my lap but, wait a second, I feel another one, and another… I eventually pull out about 20 3inch glass shards and pile them onto my lap. I then pull out my phone to take a picture and send it to a group chat with my friends and tell them “I just pulled all of these out of my mouth”. Immediately I get a response from one of my friends who says “your picture made me laugh so hard while I was on the treadmill that I fell and flew off the treadmill. I can’t stop laughing!” Then I began laughing and woke up.

November 2018: Okay, so many people may not like this (meat-lovers), and it’s the very first time I have ever had a dream like this. Before you get all worked up, just remember, IT WAS JUST A DREAM. It’s hard to have control over them.

I went to a restaurant with two friends. It was the latest thing! This restaurant was like 10 stories high and EVERYONE was talking about how delicious their food was especially their steak. I sat down and browsed their menu and unfortunately, there weren’t any vegan options for me. We were seated on one of the top floors where it was more empty. So my friends order and their food comes. Immediately, there was something alarming about that steak! It wasn’t like any normal steak at all. I decided that since I wasn’t going to eat anything, I should investigate (yeah, such a vegan thing to do, I know).

I star running down the stairs and every single person eating was eating this mysterious steak. The bottom floors were packed with people. Also, they were all OBSESSED with it. Why were they so obsessed? Also, everyone somehow knew I was vegan so they all just gave me these judgmental looks (which rarely happens in real life by the way… or maybe I just don’t notice). I decided to go inside the kitchen. Their Kitchen was HUGE and had many many cooks. I walked through and no one seemed to notice me. When I went through the kitchen exit, that’s when the horror set it.

Right outside the exit was this man. He looked back and smiled at me. I looked at what he was doing in horror. He was offering treats to all of the city’s stray dogs! Many many dogs were coming to him because they were all hungry. At that moment, I looked at the name of the restaurant and it was called “Yu Lin” (like the dog festival that is held in China) “Noo!” I yelled. I ran inside and began to tell everyone that the meat they were eating was dog meat! No one listened, instead I was being ridiculed and insulted. I ran back outside and saw a group of people that looked just as sad and were trying to call the dogs over to them. It turns out they were trying to save the dogs. I woke up shortly after.

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