From a Future perspective

I was driving home one night and I suddenly felt like I could hear myself being talked about… Not in a creepy way, but what I mean is I started imagining myself in the future talking about myself now. I suppose I have had so much happen recently, it has pushed me to grow more than ever before within a given period of time. So I thought about what I imagine myself saying in the future about myself now:

“It was a time when I learned acceptance. At that moment in life, I didn’t know that certain people wouldn’t be in my life anymore, but then again, I had no idea that certain people would feel like family. It was during that time that I truly knew what I wanted in life. Years prior to that I was open to pretty much any possibility which made me feel unstable and somewhat worthless at times. Knowing what I wanted for my life and knowing precisely what I wanted to do for Jehovah gave me a sort of peace that I hadn’t had in a long time.

“So there I was, driving in the night, totally expecting what was next in my life but also gracefully approaching every single day with gracefulness and joy. I believe it was the first time I realize that I had gotten the closet I have ever been to the person I had always dreamed of being, in fact, it was probably the very beginning of it!”

I know my goals and plans will be anything but a “breeze”. I am here and I am getting myself as ready as possible for what is to come, but it will be worth the good, the bad, the unpredictable but most of all, the challenge to push through and move forward. Most of all, Jehovah himself has helped me see that the better versions of me are real. I know I’ve had my highs and lows, but never for a single breath did I ever feel like Jehovah didn’t care.

Now, I’m planning one of the most exciting trips I have ever gone on. I will be embarking on a backpacking trip through 9 or 10 countries! I do look forward to the fun, the adventure and experience I’ll gain, but what I  look forward to over everything else, is how it will change me even more. Until then, there’s so much work to do. Keep moving forward and stay tuned for that better version of me 😉


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